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The Kalendar

Book One: The Black Stone

by Joe Perez

Praise for The Black Stone:
 “A sort of Lord of the Rings meets Integral Spirituality meets The Canon of Supreme Mystery. If you enjoy—and are ready for—sprawling epics built with spiritually integrated circuitry, The Black Stone is for you—brilliant, compelling, original, beautiful.”

—Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision

“Wow! The Black Stone is a masterful and mind-bending act of world-creation—even universe and reality-creation. Perez’s tale of adventure moves the everyday world into a time-transcending parallel universe in which the archetypes of myth and the categories of mind and metaphor become the living actors in the action plot.”

—Toby Johnson,  The Myth of the Great Secret: An Appreciation
of Joseph Campbell

The Kalendar Series is a genre-disrupting fantasy/adventure mix of poetry, fiction, philosophy, and art. The nine book series starting with The Black Stone in the Spring of 2016, followed by The Red Jewel and then The Brown Sword. The story tracks the life and events of Kalen O’Tolan, an immortal being granted 3,000 years on Earth, starting at Year 0 CE through the Year 3,000 CE. Kalen is a warrior, a poet, and a magician who has been tutored in a magical language—the use of which, has the power to create or destroy Worlds. In each book, nine years of Kalen’s life pass as the wheels of history turn by more than 300 years. The hero’s journey is synchronized by a New Kalendar which brings forth a secret union to the hours of the day, the timetables of history, the sounds of language, and cosmology.


Space, Time, and Thought unite along Kalen’s epic journey in a mystical harmony. As Kalen’s journey unfolds from the site of the Oracle at Delphi, he heads into the East to fulfill his destiny in the Kosmic Wars beginning with the War of the Zodiac, the War of the Archetypes, and the War of the Deities … all before his 27th birthday. In order to defeat the powers arrayed against him in the Kosmic Wars, Kalen must first wield the Omphalos of Delphi, the Ruby of the Rubicon, and the Emperor’s Sword. In the process, the hero must advance in both consciousness and knowledge or face a devastating defeat. At stake is nothing less than saving All-That-Is from the relentless encroachment of the Entropy-creating Ro, an evil darkness which threatens existence.

cowboy 3 dThe Panama Canal: Where Corporate Greed Meets Gunboat Diplomacy

by J.M. Carlisle

The Cowboy and the Canal takes the reader through a powerful account of the lineage of greed, corruption, fraud, and hubris underlying the quest to find an interoceanic passage through Panama from the evils of Balboa in 1513, the horrors of the Panama Railroad construction in 1849, the aborted French effort in 1881, to Theodore Roosevelt when he forced the purchase of the bankrupt French Panama Canal Company by the United States in 1902.

The scandal that followed Roosevelt’s actions was notorious…yet today, obscured behind Roosevelt’s heroic facade, it is all but forgotten.




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The Return of Hephaistos: Reconstructing the Mythos of the Maker

by Cheryl De Caintis

Re-membering Hephaistos—that is to say, reconstructing the myths of the makers, not only Greek but mythic makers worldwide —tells us about the intersection of technology, art and culture, as well as about the wisdom of wounds and the power of wielding forces that look like magic to the uninitiated. The mythology of the makers is fundamentally about living life in a material cosmos, and raises four compelling questions, of relevance not only to geeks, artists and shamans, but to all of us: What is our unique wound, the one that makes us who we are? What is our work, the work that only we are meant to do? What is the nature of our power, and how do we sit at the table of power? and, finally, what makes a good life on Earth, and a good death?

Available Winter 2016