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Tangent Publishers Author Services

At Tangent Publishers you can get the same quality services even if you don’t have a book contract with us. Author Services are now available à la carte for self-publishers. Choose the level of service you need from our menu of Editorial, Cover Design, Interior Design, Interior Layout, eBooks, Author Websites, Indexing, and more!


When you sign a contract with Tangent Publishers or Integral Publishers, we will review your manuscript and give you an editorial evaluation with preliminary feedback, including a summary of recommended services.



We do market research on your genre to determine the best visual strategy while considering your vision to create a stunning and unique book cover.


It’s easy to tell when book pages are “designed” with a word processor and when they’re designed by a professional. Preparing book pages includes much more than setting margins and choosing fonts. Our exacting standards ensures your layout will conform to the following:

  • All facing pages must base align and have at least two lines of a paragraph at the bottom of a page and at least two lines at the top of the next page.
  • Limits hyphens in a row, or “ladders”.
  • Eliminates word stacking, or the same word at the end of more than two lines.
  • No overly loose or tight lines.
  • No “rivers,” or distracting word spaces that fall in a pattern.
  • No hyphenating at the end of a page.
  • Minimum of four lines of text on the last page of a chapter.


An online presence is absolutely essential to your book’s visibility, and an author website will help ensure the success of your book. Not only does it give you another platform on which to sell your book, but you can market your book with social media, blogging, and more­—right from your website! Integral Publishers and Tangent Publishers require authors to maintain a booksite. Why not start with the best?