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Held and Broken

The Kitchen’s Place is In the Kitchen

Book Cover: Held and Broken

Held and Broken is a lyrical novel about loving hard and drinking hard. It’s about what’s said and done at night and what’s said and done the next day to make up for it, a bittersweet journey through everyday lunacy, touching in the inappropriate sense, moving in the violation sense, a modern-day answer to Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? that takes place in Phoenix, Arizona. Jack and Willa bring new meaning to the word lovesick. They destroy Christmas and patios and everything in between. The value of their home is dropping by the bottle. For a variety of reasons, handymen are no longer allowed to come over to their house even though one is often needed. Someday their home will look like they built it themselves. Therapy doesn’t help them. Drinking doesn’t help them. They quit therapy. If Charles Bukowski wrote a love story, it would read something like this book.

Publisher: Tangent Publishers
Reviews:Steve Inman wrote:

Held and Broken comes creeping from behind like a locomotive full of dreams ready to sever all the pretty painted toes drying on the rails of femme fatales and daylight tramps . . .