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Living Life While Facing Cancer

Finding Light Through Your Darkest Days

Book Cover: Living Life While Facing Cancer

“You have cancer.” Those words, powerful and frightening, are often devastating to the patient and the people who love them. Living with cancer is hard. You may have just heard these words for the very first time or, you may be in short term or ongoing treatment or, you may be suffering a recurrence. No matter where you are in your journey, it is likely that you will live a full range of feelings, emotions, and experiences. That is what this book is about—embracing change and adapting to a new normal in life. And while this manuscript highlights my journey with cancer, it can be easily applied and adapted to many other life challenges and opportunities that arise each and every day—no matter how devastating they may appear.

Publisher: Tangent Publishers
Reviews:Dr. Alice Chang, PhD wrote:

Living Life While Facing Cancer is a poignant treatise which demonstrates the strength of humankind when confronted with chronic illness.