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The Love Pirate Dies

A Bea Brownmire Mystery

Book Cover: The Love Pirate Dies

Sometimes it takes a little imagination to solve a mystery...

A story based on the excesses of the 1920s Phoenix political aristocracy, gangsters, golfers, grifters, and pornography bootleggers, retold with historical accuracy to lay bare the truth behind murder.

Publisher: Tangent Publishers

At first, finding a man’s naked body floating face-down in one of the many canals that pumped life through the lush desert landscape of Phoenix seemed like a tragic accident. But when his deputies hauled the corpse up the steep canal embankment, Sheriff John “Monty” Montgomery recognized the twisted horrified expression on a man who had been strangled. When the dead man’s identity tied him to members of Arizona’s political aristocracy, gangsters, golfers, bootleggers, corrupt cops, and almost all of their wives, Monty knew his investigation would be stonewalled from every direction.

Reviews:R.W. Volckmann, PhD wrote:

In a tale for all ages, The Love Pirate Dies is a movable feast of murder, mayhem, pornography, and political corruption. Brauer and Carlisle capture the saucy, sexy, and sensual atmosphere of the Roaring 20s with vivid details and painstaking attention to historical accuracy, all the while hanging their descriptions of eccentricity and extravagance on the scaffolding of important social, racial, and ageist contexts in the new Wild West of 20th century Arizona.