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So you want to publish your book . . .

We take this process very seriously and in return we ask that your submission reflect a high level of commitment to your project. You will want to know the following information before you venture into the demanding process of submitting your query:

  • We review only works that the author considers as completed and has not published anywhere in any format. If you are in the “idea phase” of your project, you may send a short introductory email to Integral Publishers or Tangent Publishers if you wish, and contact us again when your work is complete.

We will not review submission forms that are truncated, only partially developed, or otherwise incomplete.

Also note:

  • The form below is the only acceptable means to submit your proposal.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the print-on-demand (POD) model that Integral Publishers and Tangent Publishers employ. On rare occasions, we work with specialty bookstores and educational institutions, but this is not the norm. Our successful distribution model relies exclusively upon online book retailers who sell POD books.
  • If at a later point in the process you are invited to submit your entire manuscript for review, understand that your manuscript must be accompanied by written permissions for your use of any and all text, images and other forms of intellectual property that are under others’ copyrights.
  • Be aware that poetry or song lyrics under copyright holders can be almost impossible to locate and once located, often charge prohibitively high fees.
  • Permission is also required for the people whose name you use in your work. It is not acceptable to change a person’s name if that person is likely to identify his or herself or experience by the description in your manuscript.
  • Please refer further questions on permissions to a Copyright attorney or the Copyright Office at the Library of Congress ( for specific copyright questions.

We recommend that you complete each section of this form in Word and paste your response into the appropriate text boxes in the form below.  Carefully review the guidelines below:


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